About Us

My name is Leigh Shell and I have conducted estate sales in the Pensacola area since 1997. My family moved to Gulf Breeze in 1970 and I am proud to call this community home  In our area, I wish to make fine tabletop elements easily accessible for small and large events. Southern Soiree opened for business in January of 2018 and offers heirloom quality mismatched vintage fine china, crystal and flatware for event rentals.

Deeply founded in my Southern roots, rests my affection for beautiful fine china. My mother, grandmother, great Aunt and my Mother in law all have fostered my appreciation for an elegantly set table.  Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering in your home or a large dinner at a venue, our hand curated collection of vintage fine china and tableware will elevate your event.

Miriam, my mom is the epitome of a Georgia Southern Belle. She, my grandmother Emma and great Aunt Lucy  heavily influenced my love for gorgeous china, elegant crystal and ornate sterling flatware. They imparted the ideal of Southern Hospitality in me. In addition to offering delicious food for guests, they taught me it is important to go the extra step of presenting a beautiful table. My Great Aunt Lucy would tell me  “Setting a beautiful table communicates forethought and planning and shows your guests that they are special”. Then when I married David in 1987, I got the perfect mother in law. She too, was an excellent cook and enjoyed using her china. Her attention to detail is inspiring,

My Aunt Lucy felt like there was always a beautiful way to present even the simplest of meals. I can hear here say “put the condiments in a nice dish ,it will elevate any meal.” My Grandmother was meticulous in her presentation. As early as the first grade I was trained to set the Thanksgiving and Christmas Table.  She would walk along side me helping me place the iced tea glass and water glass perfectly as well as the utensils. My Mom was always wonderful to inspire creativity and a love for all things classically southern. I still cannot wear white after Labor Day. My mother in law, Eloise, always added a beautiful centerpiece, often from her garden,  to her tables.

Many of the pieces I am offering for rent in my collection are indeed family pieces and many have been carefully selected to compliment my family heirlooms.  I specialize in China with gold embellishment.


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